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CREATOR: Making your own wedding dress: Inspirational sewers

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Images from 1. A beautiful Mess  2. Blog Chick a Blog Blog 3. Queen of Darts  4.  Sew Dixie Lou  5.  Corrina Corrina 6. Dress Makers Curve 7. Misha and Mia 8. Molly Sews  9. The Curious Kiwi 10. Wall Street by Day: Hardcore Crafter by night 11. Create / Enjoy 12. Restless Grace 13. Cotton Creek Sewing 14.Fickle Sense 15. ‘So, zo what do you know‘  16. Needle and Cloth 17. The Dreamstress 18. Penny Rose  19. Sewing your own wedding dress 20. Poppy Kettle 21. The Selfish Seamstress 22. Rake and Make 23. 24. Scared Stitchless 25. Dixie DIY

Making your Wedding Dress

Before undertaking the mission of making my own wedding dress, I remember a fellow sewer suggesting that it may be a mistake to take on such a project. I would now have to respectfully disagree.  I found it to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, which yes, brought a significant amount of stress at times. There were moments of tears, regret and overwhelming thoughts of despair… BUT it is well worth the effort! With some  planning, patience and perseverance, it is certainly possible. Just take a look at all of these wonderfully courageous and talented sewers.

In terms of sustainable fashion, sewing your own dress enables you to take part in the slow fashion movement. You have a story behind your dress and understand where it comes from. Most brides would have very little idea who made their dress and what conditions the people who made their dress live under. You can develop as an artisan and appreciate the making of complicated garments.

After scouring the net I have compiled a list of those who have undertaken the “Sewing your Wedding Dress Mission”. Their stories detail their process, their experiences and many provide very helpful tips.  Hopefully we can  encourage others to have a go too!

I will be continuously adding sewers to this list, so please forward any information about people sewing their own or  others wedding dresses. (information about making bridesmaids outfits and grooms suits also welcome!)



List of Brave Sewers who made their own Wedding Dress…. or for a friend/family member.

1. A beautiful mess – with an original design and the detailing on the skirt section is so lovely.


2.  Blog Chicka Blog Blog –  LOVE the colour and the hem. The dark pink under skirt, just beautiful


3. Queen of Darts – a massive job of creating a 7 layer dress plus the bridesmaids dress. Loving the diagonal drape.

4. Sew Dixie Lou – with a lovely lace overlay & a review of the many steps involved in creating the garment


5. Corrina Corrina – Wow! What a process, she even made her own dress making doll.


6. Dress makers curve- she made a pretty, party style, polka dot dress. Her attitude towards the concept of a wedding was right on. ….”There is a lot of pressure to wear the MOST AMAZING DRESS EVER for your wedding, which I certainly felt when deciding on the design. In the end I was happy with my dress, happy that I (finally) made it, and had a wonderful time in it” Abi from Dress makers curve


7. Misha and Mia – Gives a chronological review of the dress making process.


8. Molly Sews – details the dress making process. I just love the fit that she achieved.


9. The curious kiwi  – tackled the task of adding boning to her garment and gives some great tips. Love the sweetheart neckline.


10. Wall Street by Day: Hardcore Crafter by night. - gives advise such as “Just attack it, Don’t waste time on searching and searching for the perfect gown.” She outlines the need to search for good, helpful tutorials.


11. Create / Enjoy –  details the construction process and provides tutorials for creating a birdcage veil, flower girl tutorial, making silk flowers, plus more! Beautiful colour choice for her dress.


12. Restless Grace - provides 10 tips for sewing your own dress. My favourite two tips wer #8 -Timing is super important  and #10 – It was all totally worth it. Agreed! Love her lace sleeves.


 13. Cotton Creek Sewing – offers some useful tips (e.g. have a plan B) and discusses the need to use a pattern which is at your skill level.  Lovely silhouette.


14. Fickle Sense – I give a review of my dress making process and give some tips of my own. Time management and being yourself are probably the two most important tips for me. I loved…. and still love me dress. The colour was just perfect and I am proud that I designed it.


15. ‘So, zo what do you know‘ -LOVE the colour and the silhouette of this vintage inspired dress. Just loving the fit and birdcage veil.

16. Needle and Cloth –  attached a motif to the front section of the bodice. She also gives a description of the sewing and design process. New web address


17. The Dreamstress-  I just love the bias cut and silhouette of the gown. What a brave soul:)


18.  Penny Rose – “embraced the DIY spirit that my husband and I share in our day-to-day lives”. Beautiful. The headdress really works well.


19. Sewing your own wedding dress by Stacey Kigner @ A Practical wedding guide- importance of being a risk taker. Beautiful style.


20.  Poppy Kettle went on quite an adventure to find her ideal fabric. She was inspired by Ellie Saab and I can really see this  inspiration  in the dress. Lovely job. 


21. The Selfish Seamstress made her dress not long before her wedding. A brave sewer! I really love her vintage style dress.


22. Rake and Make – Lilly added some personality to her dress with a pop of red. She also documents her dressmaking process.

Amy Kiel Photography, Victory Patterns Ava wedding dress

23. Fehrtrade – has a story and  a half  behind her dress. She refashioned her grandmothers 1949 dress.  What a project:)


24. Scared Stitchless  details each step of the wedding dress construction. I particularly like the post about choosing the bodice.

25. Dixie DIY added pockets to her dress and confirms that sewers can make their own dress. ” I think many sewists underestimate their abilities and think they can’t sew a wedding dress”

Want to make your own wedding dress? Here are some sites which offer advise and sewing patterns.

DIY Bride - Finding a pattern
Burdastyle wedding dress patterns


  • melissa says: February 23, 2015 at 8:12 pm

    You missed mine! In 2010 I refashioned my grandmother’s gown into my own! I also sewed my two bridesmaids gowns too.

    • Fickle Sense says: February 24, 2015 at 9:45 am

      Thanks for letting me know. I have added your wonderful creation! Very talented!

  • Abi says: February 23, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Wow! Some amazing dresses and seamstresses here – thanks for featuring my dress alongside such talent! I can say that making my own dress was definitely worth it, and I would urge anyone who is considering it to go for it – it doesn’t have to be scary!

    • Fickle Sense says: February 24, 2015 at 9:46 am

      I agree! Thanks for your wise words regarding the dress. My favourite piece of wedding advise!

  • Alice says: February 24, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    Aw thank you so much for including mine! And I’m so impressed with all those handmade wedding dresses! Fabulous!

    • Fickle Sense says: February 24, 2015 at 4:00 pm

      Yay for Handmade! Really loved your dress:)

  • Lilly says: February 25, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    Wow! I’m so flattered to be included with all these beautiful handmade wedding dresses. What’s cool is that I looked at a few of these for inspiration when I was planning my dress. There are several that I hadn’t seen though, so it’s great that you compiled them all in one place. I would have loved a resource like this!

    • Fickle Sense says: March 15, 2015 at 6:12 pm

      Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring creation:)

  • Sue @ A Colourful Canvas says: March 19, 2015 at 9:15 pm

    OH! These are gorgeous! I made my wedding dress, and I made my niece’s wedding dress and flower girl dress. It really is a rewarding experience! Seeing these lovely makes is surely inspiring to those considering marriage!

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