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CREATOR: Interview Tzunuum

 A good while back I met up with the inspiring Raphela from Tzunuum. Her jewellery is one of a kind with a distinct personality. I asked her about her creative progress as well as what inspires her.


Photograph: Michael Dooney

Website: Tzunuum

Shop : Tzunuum Etsy & Tzunuum

Blog : Tzunuum.tumblr.com 

Four adjectives which describe your work: Geometric, bold, tribal and colorful. 

Currently residing: Berlin Hometown: France  

Profession: Designer / Musician 

Photo: Tzunuum

How did you start creating? 

 Creating has always been a necessity for me. I started making teddy bears out of old clothes when my mother taught me how to use a sewing machine. I just loved the making process from the pattern to the finished object. The feeling of holding an object that never was before, the very product of your imagination, will and patience is one of great satisfaction.


Inspired by

 Everyday life is a pretty good source of inspiration, but mythical imagery, dreams, modern art and music are integral to my creative process. The materials themselves are a great source of inspiration too, sometimes a single bead or bit of trim I find in a flea market can spark the idea for a whole new collection. I see no boundaries between life and imagination; and the human need to adorn their outer selves in order to match their inner selves is something which I love to explore. Do you make/create anything else? I play the violin in a band called Oh Howl and I also dream of making films one day. Oh and cooking. I love cooking! Creating is a way of life.

Any encouraging words?  

Go for it. Be honest to yourself and do the best you can. Accept that you will make mistakes, and learn from them. Listen to your instinct, always. And take your time. It’s a hard skill to learn, especially in such a fast pace environment, but it always shows.


Photo: Tzunuum

Check out more jewellery at Etsy Tzunuum

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